First Class Township Code Legislation

First Class Township Code Rewrite – House Bill 2073

Over the last several years, township commissioners, managers and solicitors from PSATC’s three regions have worked with staff of the Local Government Commission and the League to review and update the language of the Code. At the end of 2018, all first class townships were provided the opportunity to review and comment on the draft. House Bill 2073 was introduced in November 2019 with an informational hearing before the House Local Government Committee.  In December, the Committee brought the bill up for consideration.  Several amendments were offered at the meeting. 

Please find the Executive Summary of the Rewrite here.

Questions can be directed to Amy Sturges, Director of Governmental Affairs, at

Legislation Enacted

Act 50 of 2019 – House Bill 547 (PN 0886)

Signed: July 2, 2019 Effective: 60 days

Act 50 of 2019 amends the First Class Township Code to allow for the levy of Real Property Taxes by a resolution if the tax rate is levied at the same rate or at a lower rate than the previous year. An ordinance would be required if there is a rate increase. Resolutions providing for a tax levy must be recorded in the municipality’s ordinance book in the same manner as a tax ordinance.