Local Public Procurement Program

The Local Public Procurement Program (L3P) has been assisting Pennsylvania’s local governments in accessing and utilizing state contracts for over fifteen years.  L3P was created in 1993 as a service program of the Pennsylvania Municipal League to enable local procurement units to more readily benefit from the advantages of cooperative purchasing through the Commonwealth’s Department of General Services (DGS) commodity contracts. Utilization of Commonwealth-awarded contracts by local governments fulfills local bidding requirements, reduces the procurement processing time, and increases savings by bulk purchasing.

Local Public Procurement Units
Any political subdivision, public authority, educational, health or other institution; and to the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of governments or an area government; nonprofit fire, rescue or ambulance company; and, any nonprofit corporation operating a charitable hospital. (As defined in Act 57 of 1998).

L3P Services

Toll-free Access To Public Procurement Support

L3P provides subscribers with toll-free, efficient and timely access to personal assistance in accessing contract information.

Quarterly Checklist With Contract Availability & Updates

L3P provides subscribers with quarterly checklists of current state contracts available for piggyback purchasing. Copies and updates of current state contracts are available upon request.

PA Department Of General Services Website Support

L3P staff will assist subscribers in accessing and navigating the Department of General Services procurement website to take maximum advantage of the information available for public use.

Legislative Review

The League Center for Legislative and Membership Services continually review current legislative action with an eye for potential impact on local issues, including procurement.


Marcia Cavanagh
Marketing and Member Services Representative
P: 717-236-9469 *256
E: mcavanagh@pml.org