Municipal Utility Alliance

The Pennsylvania Municipal League’s Board of Directors created the Municipal Utility Alliance (MUA) in 1997 to help local government entities navigate their way through the complexities of electric deregulation. Today, the primary objective of the MUA is to educate its members on the current state of the energy market, while evaluating potential savings opportunities and how best to realize them.  The MUA provides invaluable, objective assistance to members to create opportunities now rather than reacting to effects later.

Energy is typically one of the top five expenses for many municipal entities. To help manage these costs, The League Municipal Utility Alliance (MUA) offers an Electric Procurement program that has saved Pennsylvania local government entities millions of dollars. With the assistance of energy consultants Evolution Sustainability Group, the MUA has successfully enabled local governments to take opportunities to benefit from the energy markets. The MUA selected Constellation Energy as the supplier for electricity services through an RFP process.

MUA Electricity Procurement Program

This is a good time to consider a proposal for your energy costs. Low energy prices provide an excellent opportunity to lock in pricing for future years, even if your current contract is in effect for the next 12 to 24 months. Through the Municipal Utility Alliance (MUA) program, contracts are available through 2024 with Constellation, and quotes are available to compare to your current pricing.

To receive a free, no-obligation quote, visit Constellation or contact Matt Shortall, Constellation’s dedicated Senior Business Development Manager, who is available to answer any questions you have regarding a price quote.

Matt Shortall
P: 443-602-5755

If you are interested in participating in this program and would like additional information, please contact John Brenner, Executive Director:

John Brenner
Executive Director
P: (717) 236-9469 *230

MUA Consulting Partner – Evolution Sustainability Group

Evolution Sustainability Group is a full-service energy management, engineering, and sustainability consulting firm offering best in class sustainability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analytical solutions. Evolution’s customers enjoy a positive impact on the bottom line by leveraging a comprehensive suite of services that mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder/asset value, and provide a foundation to increase corporate citizenship and sustainable practices. 

About Constellation Energy

A leading supplier of energy products and services to wholesale and retail electric and natural gas customers, Constellation holds a diversified fleet of generating units. Strategically located throughout the United States and Canada, they total approximately 7,100 megawatts of generating capacity. With a vision to be the first-choice provider for customers seeking energy solutions in the complex and changing energy marketplace, Constellation combines a passion for excellence with a commitment to value, providing consumers measurable and cost efficient results.