Become A Member

Benefits of League Membership

  • Advocacy on behalf of its members in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C through lobbying efforts and grassroots campaigns.
  • Programs and services that give local leaders the tools and knowledge to better serve their communities.  Programs such as the Public Employer Labor Relations Advisory Service (PELRAS), Unemployment Compensation Trust (U•COMP), PennPrime Workers Compensation and Property and Casualty Insurance Trusts, offer savings through direct participation. League members who participate in any of these programs or have a business sign up for the Business Leaders Network receive a discount on their League dues.
  • Opportunities for involvement and networking to help municipal officials seek ideas, share solutions, and find common ground for the future.  The Municipal Leadership Summit, District Meetings, and leadership and special committees are just a few examples of valuable networking opportunities and venues to discuss issues, solve problems and share best practices.
  • Information sharing of critical issues that affect municipalities and warrant action by local officials.  League legislative matters are monitored closely by our Governmental Affairs staff.  Our Communications Department keeps members informed through our website, League Link, the Municipal Reporter, and other social media tools.
  • Strengthens leadership skills by offering numerous training and education programs. APMM, PELRAS and local elected officials training programs and our online municipal training library are a few of the great resources available to members.


For more information on becoming a member, contact our Deputy Executive Director – Membership Amanda Lane at 717-236-9469, ext. *319. Or, via email at