NLC COVID-19: Pandemic Response Update | Issue 21



Yesterday, the National League of Cities launched the Cities Are Essential campaign to secure economic relief for the communities on the frontline of America’s response to the novel coronavirus. Our call is simple: We need $500 billion in direct federal aid for local governments over the next two years to support the communities that support America’s people.

The campaign launch comes one week after NLC’s research estimates found that up to one million municipal employees could face layoffs or furloughs due to plummeting revenues and crippled local budgets. In the coming days and weeks, we will need YOU to join our chorus and call on your Senators and Members of Congress to support local communities, and ultimately the American economy.

To start, I hope you’ll amplify our message on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram using the hashtag #CitiesAreEssential. Let’s tell Washington why we can’t wait any longer for federal support – the future of city services, the municipal workforce, and our local economies depend on it.

Sending you strength,

Joe Buscaino
National League of Cities
President Pro Tempore, Los Angeles City Council


Miami Mayor Francis Suarez knows personally the toll of the novel coronavirus. The mayor was diagnosed positive for the virus in March and was asymptomatic. His message to his residents to take this virus seriously was intimate and critical to flattening the curve in his city.



NLC is providing advocacy updates to members by state. Join your state’s call to learn how NLC is working to secure critical funds for cities, towns, and villages in the fourth stimulus package. Calls can be found at


Infographic | Cities Are Essential
America’s cities need aid now. For the sake of our nation’s economy & quality of life, we need a federal partner to help communities rebuild & recover from the #COVID19 pandemic. View the latest NLC resource from the #CitiesAreEssential campaign.


Cities Are Essential. We’re Fighting to Prove It.
Right now, local governments are doing what we do best – caring for our residents. But we need a federal partner and direct economic relief to our nation’s cities, towns and villages to fully respond to, recover from and reopen after COVID-19. And so, we’ve launched the Cities Are Essential campaign. Read More.

How Tech is Helping Local Leaders Rebuild During COVID-19
Our nation’s response to this pandemic is not about small calculated projects – it’s about delivering a strategic plan that reshapes our future. IGNITE Cities discusses how we must seize this moment to think big and to rebuild in a way that is inclusive, connected, and more equitable than ever before. Read more.

Despite COVID-19, SCOTUS Refuses to Stop Use of New Public Charge Definition
The Supreme Court refused to lift its stay of federal court orders that prevented the Administration from making changes to the definition of public charge. Read the latest from the State and Local Legal Center. Read more.


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