Post-traumatic Stress Injury

Last legislative session bills were introduced in an effort to provide assistance to first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress injury or PTSI.  The League believes post-traumatic stress injury is a serious illness that should be addressed from a prevention perspective first and foremost. However, previous bill language would have created an uninsurable workers’ compensation benefit, leading to extremely high insurance premiums and a diversion of local tax dollars.

The League supports increasing the awareness of PTSI in first responders and looks forward to continuing conversations in the 2021/2022 legislative session to achieve those goals without impairing local governments.

Representative Clint Owlett and Senator Camera Bartolotta have announced intention to reintroduce legislation, House Cosponsor Memo 53 and Senate Cosponsor Memo 916 respectively, providing emergency service and public safety officials benefits under workers’ compensation for a PTSI, regardless of whether or not the injury is accompanied by a physical injury.