Draft 2025 STIP Now Available for Public Comment

Comment on the Draft 2025 STIP!

The State Transportation Commission (STC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) invite you to review and comment on the draft 2025 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The Public Comment Period for the draft 2025 STIP is ongoing from June 18 through July 3, 2024. 

The draft 2025 STIP consists of a list of prioritized projects and project phases identified for funding by federal fiscal year and includes federal, state, local, and private funding over a four-year period for capital improvements. The draft 2025 STIP can be viewed at https://talkpatransportation.com/how-it-works/stip.  

The public can comment by filling out the online comment form at TalkPATransportation.com or email RA-PennDOTSTC@pa.gov. The public may also call PennDOT and share their comments at 717-783-2262. If you have other questions or challenges, contact PennDOT’s Bureau of Equal Opportunity to request help by emailing beodot@pa.gov or calling 717-787-5891; TTY (711).