Finance Officer – City of Aliquippa

Deadline: May 15, 2024

DEPARTMENT: Accounts & Finance
LOCATION: City Building

Primary Functions

The Finance Officer is a management-level administrative position with authority over all the City’s financial activities. The primary work involves direct responsibilities in fund accounting, fiscal management, payroll, budgeting, financial and performance reporting, expenditure control, purchasing, debt administration, and

Related work includes, but is not limited to, budget preparation, internal auditing, general office operations, insurance administration, and coordination with the City Treasurer’s office.

The Finance Officer reports directly to the City Administrator. Work is performed with considerable latitude for independent initiative and judgment but is subject to the direction of the City Administrator and Director of Accounts and Finance.

Work Performed

  1. Implements, maintains, and monitors a wholly computerized, modified accrual fund accounting system for the City.
  2. Implements, prepares, monitors, and issues payroll checks through a computerized payroll system.
  3. Implements, prepares, tracks, and monitors accounts payable and issuance of checks.
  4. Manages and monitors the City’s cash flow requirements and investment program.
  5. Prepares monthly financial and budgetary accounting reports with narrative discussion and interpretation as appropriate.
  6. Prepares all financial reports as county, state, and federal agencies require.
  7. Assists the City Treasurer in implementing and monitoring complete computerized Real Estate Tax and Garbage/Recycling User Fee billing systems.
  8. Works closely with the City Administrator to prepare and administer the annual general operating and capital funds budgets.
  9. Coordinates the planning and implementation of short and longterm borrowing processes.
  10. Performs fiscal impact analyses for use in contract, negotiations, grievance proceedings, and review of employee benefit programs.
  11. Monitors and audits employee benefit program billings and records, pension plan records, uniform allowances, etc.
  12. Assists in the preparation of grant applications and reports, including entitlement programs.
  13. Coordinates receipt and reporting of revenues with City Treasurer.
  14. Reconciles bank statements, payroll distribution records, etc.
  15. Performs other work related to day-to-day office management as required or assigned by the City Administrator.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Thorough knowledge of general accounting principles and familiarity with modified accrual fund accounting practices and procedures.
  • Considerable knowledge of computerized data processing and its applications to budgetary accounting, purchasing, payroll, and tax collection functions.
  • Ability to prepare and interpret financial statements and reports conforming to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • Knowledge of local government operating and capital budgetary theory, techniques, and practices.
  • Ability to effectively communicate financial information to citizens, elected officials, and management employees orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of Pennsylvania law and municipal code requirements related to the receipt, custody, investment, and expenditure of municipal funds and short- and long-term debt.
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive and informative financial reports and studies.
  • Considerable knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, equipment, and standard personnel techniques applied to personal services. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with department heads, employees, officials, and the public.

Training and Experience

A four (4) year college degree in business or public administration, accounting, or economics with significant coursework in accounting, statistics, and fiscal management.

At least three (3) years of office management experience, including accounting and budgeting responsibilities in the private or public sector.

License / Certificates

Possession of a current Pennsylvania driver’s license during the tenure of employment.

Regular Schedule/Meetings

Full-time salaried position, usually Monday – Friday. Occasional attendance at evening meetings is required.

The above description reflects the minimum general information deemed necessary to convey the primary functions of the job. It shall not be construed as a complete description of all work requirements inherent to the position.

How to Apply

Please mail your resume to
Samuel L. Gill, City Administrator, City of Aliquippa, 581 Franklin Avenue, Aliquippa, PA 15001