Army Corps of Engineers – Two Funding Opportunities

These opportunities are available to economically disadvantaged communities.

  1. Up to 20 projects will be selected for 100% federal funding to plan, design and implement a project.  See attached Federal Register Notice, factsheet and template letter of intent. Deadline for proposals is AUGUST 21, 2023, as described in Attachments 1-3.
  1. Planning Assistance to States is a technical assistance program.  It does not result in construction but can assist communities and agencies in planning, evaluating alternatives, and developing conceptual plans and planning level costs for implementation.  This program is cost-shared 50% federal/50% non-federal.  This Planning Update describes how economically disadvantaged communities can have the 50% non-federal cost-shared waived and receive assistance at 100% federal cost.  To explore this opportunity (for the 50/50 cost-share or the 100% federal assistance in areas that meet the criteria), an email to the Corps can begin the process.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Amy Guise, Planning Division Chief for the Baltimore District (410-227-5144;, or Michelle Hamor, Planning Chief, Norfolk District (757-201-7491;