New Tool: Federal Funding Sources for Homelessness

Source: National League of Cities

For municipalities looking to comprehensively address homelessness at the local level, there is an array of federal funding sources available for a wide variety of eligible uses. This new tool offers a searchable list of federal grant programs designated for homelessness support, intervention or prevention, and those that are particularly relevant to support people at high risk of experiencing homelessness.

Federal Funding for Sustainable Housing

Housing for Asylum Seekers

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Housing Supply Accelerator  
NLC and the American Planning Association have launched the Housing Supply Accelerator, a national campaign to advance and incentivize local approaches to land use, zoning and housing development and preservation. Sign up to be part of this national campaign. 

Healthy Housing Challenge 
NLC invites you to take the Local Action Challenge. You’ll receive support and tools to better mitigate housing health hazards for your residents. Plus, you’ll receive national recognition for your work! 

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