Registration Now Open for Infrastructure Bootcamps

The Local Infrastructure Hub and NLC are launching five new bootcamps this winter aimed at helping small and mid-sized municipalities with populations up to 150,000 develop competitive funding applications for federal grants available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The bootcamps kick off in January and focus on five grant opportunities:

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (electric vehicles)
  • Safe Streets (action planning)
  • Safe Streets (implementation)
  • Brownfields

Please find two spreadsheets below – The Brownfields spreadsheet lists the brownfields by municipality in each state and the EECBG spreadsheet lists the amount of block funding that municipalities already have available.

The deadline for registration is Friday, December 16. Municipalities do not have to be NLC members to register. Municipalities can register online at: (this link also includes FAQs about the program)

During the registration process, municipalities will be asked to identify a small team to engage in the bootcamp. A typical team includes the mayor (for goal setting), the grant lead (the municipality’s primary contact), the community engagement lead (to design community engagement strategies around the grant project), and the finance lead (for budget setting and capital stacks). Depending on the size of the municipality, these roles may change and some people may occupy multiple roles.