Call for Fall AmeriCorps NCCC Service Projects – Concept Forms Due May 3

Source: AmeriCorps NCCC

Need more people to get things done in your community this fall? AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) teams partner directly with nonprofit and governmental organizations to address community needs. AmeriCorps NCCC is accepting Concept Forms for our Round D, due on or before Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Round D includes September 16 – November 9 and October 20 – December 16. Below is the 2022 Request for Proposals with more information.

  • The Project Concept Form and the Instructions may be downloaded here or sent upon request. Scroll to “How to apply – NCCC Traditional”, Step 2 for both documents. It works best to download the Concept Form to your computer and complete using Adobe Reader or similar software.
  • Concept Forms may be submitted to by May 3 for Round D.

What is AmeriCorps NCCC?

AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) strengthens communities and develops leaders through a federal, full-time, team-based, residential national service program. NCCC partners with nonprofit or governmental (federal, state/tribal, local) organizations to complete projects which address compelling community needs that would not be fully addressed without additional assistance. NCCC is a nationwide AmeriCorps program. Check our Deployment Reports if you are curious where current AmeriCorps NCCC teams are serving.

You can also watch a recording of an overview webinar AmeriCorps NCCC held earlier this year here if you are interested. 

How can AmeriCorps NCCC assist our community?

AmeriCorps NCCC teams perform tasks in one or more of five broad service areas. Projects can address single or multiple areas of need and AmeriCorps NCCC encourages task variety when possible. Organizations may apply on their own or partner together to jointly request and utilize a team. Example tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy Conservation: weatherizing homes or public infrastructure by insulating rim joists, caulking windows, conducting home energy audits and blower door tests; facilitating energy related educational programing, and combating climate change.
  • Environmental Stewardship and Conservation: trail construction; habitat restoration; improving access to outdoor recreation; facilitating environmental education classes; cleaning waterways; prescribed fire; planting trees; and brush and non-native species removal when combined with other tasks.
  • Urban and Rural Development: blight removal and other neighborhood revitalization efforts; supporting youth development in school or afterschool programs; assisting camp counselors at summer camps; building, repairing, and improving homes and other affordable housing activities; assisting with tax preparation; and building community gardens.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: repairing or maintaining public infrastructure such as city-owned fair and rodeo grounds; building public campsites and picnic areas; enhancing public spaces; constructing playgrounds; and constructing wheelchair ramps and boardwalks.
  • Disaster: support food security needs after a disaster; packing/preparing/distributing disaster kits and educational materials; clean-up tasks after a disaster (e.g. cleaning up or repairing homes after flooding or repairing trail systems after a wildfire); coordinating volunteers; and performing a range of disaster preparedness or mitigation activities. 

Who are AmeriCorps NCCC teams?

AmeriCorps NCCC teams typically consist of 8-12* young adults aged 18-24, including a team leader. Members come from all over the country and generally range from high school to college graduates in terms of education/experience. Teams typically serve in a community for 6-8 weeks although shorter timeframes are possible. There is no charge for labor and teams provide their own transportation, however NCCC requests a place to sleep and shower be provided along with assistance with food or kitchen facilities to cook on. *Teams may be slightly smaller in 2022 due to COVID operations.

We are interested! What next?

Attached is our 2022 Request for Proposals (RFP) which includes an overview and the relevant due dates to apply for a team. Additionally, you can find more information on AmeriCorps NCCC’s website ( The first step in applying is the Concept Form which can be found on our website along with the Instructions. Concept Forms may be submitted to by May 3. A Concept Form is required for each team or timeframe you may be considering and please fully answer each narrative following the Instructions. Upon review, potential partners will be invited to submit a full application or contacted for more information. We encourage getting an early start on the Concept Form.