What’s at Stake for Municipalities in the Reconciliation Bill

Source: National League of Cities

The Reconciliation Bill: What’s at Stake for Municipalities

The reconciliation bill under consideration includes a number of priorities that local governments have been calling on Congress to address for years, including workforce development and affordable housing. It is politically tied to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed the Senate in August. The investments, opportunities and economic growth that these two bills would provide to cities, towns and villages are critical to the continued recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Communities across America need sustained investment by Congress across critical programs to support continued economic recovery from the pandemic. Read more about city priorities in this bill here.

Response and Recovery

The Treasury’s ERA Report: 3 Things to Know
The U.S. Treasury recently reported that $7.7 billion in emergency rental assistance (ERA) has been distributed to state and local governments from January to August of this year. To date, ERA grantees have distributed over 1.4 million ERA payments to households. Prior to the launch of the emergency rental assistance program, both state and local governments had to develop the infrastructure to distribute ERA and over time, have proven their capability to successfully accelerate assistance to vulnerable renters. Learn More >

4 Things to Know About 2021 City Fiscal Conditions
Despite significant fiscal challenges over the past 18 months, for the most part, cities demonstrated greater resilience than expected through the pandemic. Using survey and fiscal data from 444 cities, NLC’s new analysis, City Fiscal Conditions 2021, reveals four key factors that buoyed city finances during one of the most turbulent health and economic crises of our time. Learn More >

Addressing Concerns About Census Data
The 2020 Census saw significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which curtailed the period for collecting data. Compounding the logistical hurdles associated with the public health crisis was a simultaneous crisis of trust in government that made many reluctant to fill out their Census questionnaires or answer the door for enumerators. Learn More >


Completing San Antonio’s Greenway System
Within the bustling city of San Antonio, the Howard W. Peak Greenway is a hidden gem that offers local residents a natural retreat into the green space of the city with 82 miles of accessible and developed trails. However, segments are still needed to fully connect the trails into a cohesive whole. Learn More >

Highlight Your Ready to Rebuild Infrastructure Project
Local governments are ready to rebuild and to make their cities better places to live. NLC will keep calling on Congress directly to invest in local infrastructure and prepare for a better future, but we need cities to speak up for themselves too. Learn More >

Notice of Funding Opportunities

Federal Railroad Administration – Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements.
Closing Date: 11/29/2021.
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Federal Emergency Management Agency – Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities.
Closing Date: 1/28/2022.
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Economic Development Administration – American Rescue Plan Act Good Jobs Challenge.
Closing Date: 3/31/2022.
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Economic Development Administration – American Rescue Plan Act Economic Adjustment Assistance.
Closing Date: 3/31/2022.
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