NLC’s Federal Advocacy Newsletter

Resources for COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery

Federal agencies continue to release guidance and funding for programs under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to help communities respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The National League of Cities (NLC) is here to answer questions and support your responsible stewardship of these critical funding opportunities with tools and guidance. We encourage you to visit our FAQ page regularly for the latest updates and to submit additional questions. In addition to ARPA implementation, NLC is strongly advocating for a comprehensive infrastructure package to help America’s cities, towns and villages rebuild. We will continue to share critical legislative updates and actions that local leaders should take to strengthen our communities.

Here is how you can take action:

Regional Economic Connectivity to Promote Growth, Equity and Resilience – June 29
National Municipal Policy Amendment and Resolution Submission Deadline – June 25

Response and Recovery

Help is Here For You!
On June 10, the Treasury Department released an updated FAQ document related to the Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and another FAQ document on distribution of funds to non-entitlement units of local government (NEU). If you have general questions about the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, please email the U.S. Department of Treasury at or call 844-529-9527.

How ARPA Funds Can Level the Playing Field to Aid Vulnerable Families in Debt to Municipalities One eligible use of ARPA funding that may not get as much attention but can make a huge difference in the lives of everyday Americans is rethinking resident debt to cities.  Local municipalities can implement meaningful financial empowerment strategies to support economic mobility for families impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  Learn More >

City/County Coordination is Vital for America’s Recovery Plan
The Recovery Fund, which is the largest ever direct infusion of federal funds in local governments, has the potential to bring about lasting change and improve the lives of city and county residents. To fulfill the goal of the ARPA and ensure positive outcomes for all residents and our nation’s recovery, coordination and cooperation among and between the county and municipal governments is essential. Learn More >

Community Engagement Strategies for American Rescue Plan Act Funding
As cities prepare to receive direct funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), city leaders are recognizing the importance of engaging with the community to assess their needs and exploring how the funding can best align with local priorities. NLC has curated examples that highlight how different cities have leveraged various tools to pursue this important work. Learn More >

City Fiscal Conditions Survey
NLC is inviting municipal officials to participate in the 36th Annual City Fiscal Conditions survey. Your response to this year’s survey will help us understand how ARPA funding will impact city finances and better understand your needs and priorities moving forward. Please complete the survey by Friday, June 25. Learn More >


Ready to Rebuild Report
This report, released last week, features in-depth stories that underscore the urgent infrastructure needs of cities, towns and villages across the U.S. The local stories provide an on-the-ground examination of municipalities’ challenges related to clean water infrastructure, broadband connectivity, roads, bridges, rail, and public transit. Learn More >

House Moves Transportation and Water Bills Forward
Last week, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed two key infrastructure bills on a bipartisan basis to support our nation’s water and transportation infrastructure needs. The day-long markup was an important a first step toward passing a comprehensive infrastructure bill in the House. Learn More >

State of the Cities 2021 Report
This report, released last week, identifies top-level issues such as economic development and infrastructure, and specific policies, such as workforce training and transit. What this year’s State of the Cities analysis reveals is that local leaders continue to make targeted investments that provide residents and businesses with the tools to strengthen our economy in ways that are more equitable, sustainable and forward-thinking. Learn More >

How the Town of Lexington Responded, Recovered & Is Rebuilding
City spotlight: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Lexington’s Town Council took a number of measures to make sure the Town was adequately responding to the crisis at hand and to ensure we could recover and rebuild our community as quickly as possible.  Learn More >