NLC’s Federal Adovacy Newsletter: COVID-19 Relief Aid Update – Keep the Pressure on the House

Keep the Pressure on the House!

COVID-19 relief for cities, towns and villages is approaching a critical stage. Although currently included in the House package, we have been here before – we don’t want to lose any momentum. Given the timeline of legislation over the next month, this newsletter will be modified to a weekly schedule to keep you up to speed on our changing windows of opportunity for advocacy.

Here is how you can take action:

Send a Letter to Your Representative to Urge Passage of the Relief Bill

2/26 NLC Update Call: COVID-19 Relief for Cities, Towns and Villages

Your Advocacy Toolkit This Week

Updated Talking Points for Meetings with Congress – Utilize these updated talking points and messaging when communicating with your Member of Congress. We cannot let our Senators and Representatives in Congress waiver on the relief package now.

Read the Summary of the House Oversight Bill – NLC’s Federal Advocacy team has created a one pager summary of the reconciliation package that has made it through the markup process, in preparation for the upcoming House vote.

The Dangers of Conflating State and Local Aid – In our nation’s pandemic response and recovery, municipalities are facing a much more dire situation than states. Although state and local relief have been grouped together in terms of a recovery bill, the true impact of the pandemic varies between the local and state level. We have been hearing Congress may be tempted to ignore the plight of cities because of perceived fiscal stability at the state level. Use this NLC article to combat this dangerous narrative.

State and Local Revenue One Pager – Key one pager on state and local revenue you can share with your Member of Congress in your advocacy meetings.

Recent NLC Survey Infographic – Without direct local aid, America’s residents will continue to fight this pandemic with both arms tied behind their backs. According to a recent NLC member survey of over 900 cities, towns and villages, communities are facing fiscal crises with real, lasting human impact.

What We Are Reading – The Washington Post: Why some state and local governments are desperate for more stimulus aid