NLC: Now Accepting 2021 Membership Applications

Applications Now Open

The path forward isn’t always straight — NLC is here to help local leaders guide you and your residents through the storm. Join us at City Summit to continue growing into a leader for tomorrow.

NLC is now accepting applications for membership in its Constituency Groups, Federal Advocacy Committees and Member Councils.

Serving as a member of a constituency group, committee, or council, gives you the opportunity as a municipal leader to get involved with NLC and represent your community at the national level. Connect your community to the national level. Submit your application today.


  1. Login to your MyNLC account and update your profile.
  2. Confirm City is an NLC Member — your city must be an active member paid in full to apply.
  3. Get references — reach out to your State Municipal League, city official peers and other professional colleagues. 
  4. Update your professional resume and biography. 

To access the application, select the membership application tab highlighted in yellow on the MyNLC menu.


  • Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO)
  • Hispanic Local Elected Officials (HELO)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Local Officials (LGTBTLO)
  • National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO)
  • Women in Municipal Government (WIMG)
  • First-Tier Suburbs Council
  • Large Cities Council
  • Military Communities Council
  • Small Cities Council
  • University Communities Council
  • Council on Youth, Education, and Families
  • Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) Council
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
  • Finance Administration & Intergovernmental Relations
  • Human Development
  • Information Technology & Communications
  • Public Safety & Crime Prevention
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Services

2020 Nominating Committee Announced

NLC President and Los Angeles, California, President Pro Tempore Joe Buscaino has appointed a 14-member nominating committee and two alternates that will be responsible for recommending a slate of officers and board members to lead NLC in 2021. These leaders will be elected during the Annual Business Meeting at City Summit on Friday, November 20.