NLC: Anticipation in New Aid Package As House Revives Negotiations on Local Budget Relief


House Revives Negotiations on Local Budget Relief with Anticipated New Aid Package Proposal After weeks of bipartisan pressure from House Members in competitive races, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is likely to introduce a slimmer $2.4 trillion COVID-19 emergency aid proposal early next week. Although the proposal is being finalized by House committee leaders, the package is expected to include an undetermined amount of additional aid to local governments, as well as other economic supports for companies and individuals hard-hit by the pandemic.

Trump Administration Faces High Volume of Census Litigation Trump Administration Faces High Volume of Census Litigation | Late on September 24, a federal judge in California ordered the 2020 Census counting period to be extended through October 31 nationwide, blocking the Administration’s plan to end early. The Administration is expected to appeal the decision, further complicating the final days of the count. Read more.

A Tribute to Justice Ginsburg from a State and Local Government Perspective Many issues of importance to states and local governments litigated in the Supreme Court aren’t decided on ideological grounds. In these cases, states and local governments hope to appeal to the practical sensibilities of the Justices. They often found a listening ear in Justice Ginsburg. Read more.

Final Three Weeks: How to Help Residents Get Their Stimulus Checks More outreach is needed to help the remaining 5 million who may miss out on their money this year because they don’t know they are eligible, don’t know how to get their payment, or need help completing the online form. With just three weeks left, cities can play a significant role in helping eligible people get their stimulus payments. Read more.


In Cities, No Place for Partisan Politics
NY Times – September 24, 2020

After Decision Upholding FCC’s 5G Rules, Cities Now Weighing Appeal
Route Fifty – September 20, 2020


ATTEND: Small Business Economic Resilience Conference Small businesses have been some of the most hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout. NLC along with TIP Strategies will host a Small Business Economic Resilience Conference on Sept. 29-30. Register to get strategies to strengthen your communities small business and best practices for their recovery. Register now!

CONGRATS: 13 Cities Selected For New Community of Practice NLC is proud to announce a new Community of Practice of 13 selected city teams working in partnership with their postsecondary institutions and community partners to remove barriers to basic needs such as food, housing, childcare and digital access for postsecondary students. Learn more.