NLC COVID-19 Update: Lasting Affordability in Housing Now: Our Path to Racial Equity


As our nation responds and recovers from the dire health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic, local, state and national leaders must all commit to achieving positive racial equity impacts. We must seize this unanticipated tragic situation as an opportunity to achieve just outcomes. This demands an inclusive community decision-making process for interventions that will be planned and launched to benefit communities of color in the coming months and years ahead. Read more.

Setting a Precedent in These Unprecedented Times City employees, from office personnel (both on-site and remote) and first responders to sanitation workers and recreational staff must have ongoing access to the PPE they need in order to do their jobs properly and stay healthy so your citizens trust them. Read more.

Embedding Equity in Early Childhood Success Whether in a big, small, mid-sized, city, town, or village — local government is uniquely positioned to improve early childhood outcomes and build a tomorrow where every child can succeed. It is through our local governments that we come together as a community. Read more.

Looking Beyond the Crisis: Helping Governments Navigate a COVID-19 Surge Less than two months ago, as communities across America began conversations around a safe reopening of businesses, government, and other public places, Accela prioritized and published our playbook of considerations for local leaders to consider for reopening. Read more.


Revenue Shortfalls, Low Morale and New Technology: A Survey of Government Leaders in the Age of Covid-19
Route Fifty – August 26, 2020

Cities, states fear they may lose critical FEMA dollars for coronavirus response
Washington Post – August 25, 2020


JOIN US: National Forum: Re-Imagining Public Safety Engaging Leaders’ Voices COVID-19 and the political uprisings that followed George Floyd’s murder brought to light many long standing-issues with our public safety systems. Now is the time to re-imagine public safety in our cities. This forum will highlight best practices and emerging, promising ideas from local leaders through a guided discussion by the MacArthur Foundation and NLC. Register here.

LEARN MORE: Tools to Assess and Support Local Housing Needs Through Landlord Engagement Join us, the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, and the City of Rochester to learn about the Landlord Survey template and other tools to assist in preventing evictions and how other communities have successfully engaged landlords and their residents on important housing issues. Register here.

TUNE IN: Economic Opportunity: Stimulus Payment Outreach With the passage of the CARES Act, individuals can receive up to $1200 to help offset the economic impacts of the pandemic if they apply by October 15. An estimated 12 million eligible individuals nationwide have yet to claim their funds. Join this webinar to learn about how the City of Durham is helping its residents access these funds through partnerships, technology, and outreach. Register here.


Deputy City Manager – City of Rowlett, TX
Network Administrator – City of Spokane
Director of Neighborhood, Housing & Human Services – City of Spokane