Constellation – Your Energy Use and COVID-19

As the leading competitive retail and wholesale supplier of power and energy, Constellation is closely following the COVID-19 situation and evaluating additional measures to support our customers and those we work with. Constellation is monitoring the U.S. energy market, making note of declines in usage, due to business shutdowns or reduced hours, as well as the energy markets, and economies, worldwide. While we are seeing a surge in usage with some areas, overall, usage for power and gas has declined.

As a PML member, Constellation, PML’s preferred provider of electricity, is here to work with you. If you have a fixed price full requirements, contract with Constellation through PML, your power price will not change nor will you be exposed to supply penalties associated with varying usage. Remember you have access to Constellation energy professionals as part of your PML membership, if your municipality is experiencing significant changes in response to COVID-19 with impacts to energy usage e.g., businesses suspending operations, schools closing, or increased home or hospital usage, reach out to your Constellation power representative below.

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