PML Members Only Enrollment Registration Form

On-line Registration Instructions

Enrollment is open to all elected municipal officials in Pennsylvania. Registered participant will be recognized for completion of the program requirements upon receiving a total of 20 training credits. Credits earned for attendance at designated training events are awarded at the rate of one credit for every two hours of training.

There is no fee for officials from member municipalities of the Pennsylvania Municipal League. Please complete the Members Only enrollment form. For non-members, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $50 to cover the program’s administrative cost of tracking a participant’s credits. Please complete the Non-member form.

Workshop Registration Fees 

Each training session has a separate registration which applies to all participants.

Training Schedule

Programs which offer Elected Officials Leadership Training Program credits are offered throughout the year, during the Municipal Leadership Summit, the Annual Public Employer Labor Relations Advisory Service Conference (PELRAS) and the annual Elected Officials Professional Development Training Summit.