Local Use of Radar

Speed timing devices were introduced into the marketplace in the 1950s. Radar is the most cost-effective, reliable speed-timing device in use today. Pennsylvania’s municipal police are the only law enforcement officials in the country who are not permitted to enforce local speed limits and protect public safety with radar.

The League supports Senate Bill 607 (PN 675) and House Bill 1686 (PN 2275). These bills will allow all municipal police in all departments to use radar and LIDAR to enforce local speed limits.

Three other proposals have been introduced this session, which include provisions that authorize the restricted use of radar, they are:  House Bill 74 (PN 78), introduced by Representative Greg Rothman; House Bill 352 (PN 328), introduced by Representative Bill Kortz; and House Bill 1275 (PN 1483), introduced by Representative Kurt Masser. The League and PSATC currently do not support these proposals as drafted due to their restrictive nature. All three of these bills are currently before the House Transportation Committee.

Update: June 26, 2019:  Senate Bill 607 passed the Senate 49-1 and is now in the House Transportation Committee. Please thank your Senator and be sure your House member knows that you support Senate Bill 607 and its House companion House Bill 1686 by Representative Mehaffie. 

The Radar Coalition has a video in support of Senate Bill 607. Watch below: