Final OMB Uniform Grants Guidance Released

Source: National League of Cities

This month, the White House announced the final Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Grants Guidance. Over the last two years, NLC has been actively working with Congress and OMB on improving the ability of local governments to manage the life cycle of the federal grant process. This announcement brings a big win for cities, towns and villages that receive federal grants in terms of how they can use federal funds. Read more »


Key Federal Updates

Celebrating Second Chance Month: The Crucial Role of City Leaders in Reintegration Efforts 
April marks Second Chance Month, a vital period dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges and opportunities that come with reentry for the millions of individuals returning to their communities after serving time in prison. At the heart of these efforts are city leaders, whose roles are pivotal in transforming lives and rejuvenating communities. Read more »

EPA Releases Final National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for PFAS 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a national enforceable Maximum Contaminant Level in drinking water for six of the thousands of PFAS chemicals. Under the new requirements water systems will have to monitor for the chemicals and take action if the level is exceeded. Read more »

Tell Your Senators: PFAS Legislation Must Include Municipal Liability Protection 
As EPA is preparing to finalize a rule designating certain PFAS chemicals as hazardous substances, Congress must ensure that local governments that neither cause nor contributed to PFAS contamination do not face undue financial and legal liability burdens. Read more »

NLC Launches Program to Provide Environmental Justice Technical Assistance to Communities 
As a partner in a national Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center, NLC will support communities in navigating federal grant application systems, writing strong grant proposals, and effectively managing grant funding. Read more »

Community Violence Intervention Funding Opportunities for Local Leaders 
As communities across the country continue grappling with the effects of violence, several federal agencies are rolling out funding opportunities aimed at fostering safer environments. Read more »

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