Economic Competitiveness in PA

Source: Team Pennsylvania

The state is kicking off the development of its first economic development strategic plan in over 20 years! Governor Josh Shapiro has clearly identified Pennsylvania’s economic development and competitiveness as key priorities for his administration, and this emphasis will set a compelling course for Pennsylvania’s economic future.   

The goal of this plan is to modernize our economic development systems and make Pennsylvania more competitive in attracting and retaining businesses.  Over the next few weeks and months, there will be several conversations happening, and as a valued partner, you have an opportunity to provide input into Pennsylvania’s economic development toolkit, targeted strategic industries, and business processes (permitting, contracting, marketing, etc.) to help better inform the outcome of the state’s economic development strategy and position Pennsylvania to be as competitive as possible in growing our economy.   

The website launched on September 8 that will help engage Regional Stakeholders, such as yourself, across Pennsylvania and provide you an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on how the Commonwealth can be more economically competitive.