ReImagine Appalachia Community Benefits Summit

Source: ReImagine Appalachia

May 23 and 25

ReImagine Appalachia is hosting a landmark “Community Benefits Summit” as partners highlight a vital opportunity that federal investment could bring to our region. They are thrilled to share their nearly final agenda! View the details here.

Legally binding Community Benefit Agreements and Policies (CBAs and CBPs) and Labor Standards are an important part of ensuring maximum benefits to communities from the implementation of federal funding. They can include everything from local hiring principles to environmental standards to make sure federal investments build shared wealth and climate resilience. This summit will explore “community benefits and labor standards” and how they can help grow our collective vision for Appalachia, including good jobs, a safe environment, and inclusive opportunities. 

Register here View the agenda here

The summit will move participants from a basic Community Benefits Agreement 101 towards having concrete knowledge of the range of possibilities within an agreement. There will be special sessions for those with legal expertise as well. 

You will learn about successful work already happening in the region, and share tools and skills on how to build fruitful relationships in the context of CBAs and CPBs.  Hope to see you on May 23 and 25.