PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program NOFO Available Now

Source: Federal Highway Administration, Pennsylvania Division

USDOT announced the PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program NOFO.  Applications are due August 18, 2023. For more info, please visit Discretionary – PROTECT – Environment – FHWA (

The purpose of the PROTECT Formula and Discretionary Grant programs is to plan for and strengthen surface transportation to be more resilient to natural hazards, including climate change, sea level rise, flooding, extreme weather events, and other natural disasters through formula and competitive discretionary grants. FHWA issued guidance for the formula portion of PROTECT in July 2022. This NOFO is for the discretionary portion of PROTECT. It will result in the distribution of up to $848 million for the PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program through a competitive discretionary grant process. FHWA intends to hold future solicitations for funding available in FY 2024-2026.

There are four categories of funding under the PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program. One category is for Planning Grants. The other three categories are for Resilience Improvements, Community Resilience and Evacuation Routes, and At-Risk Coastal Infrastructure projects. Throughout the NOFO these are collectively referred to as Resilience Grants.