“PA Fights Dirty: Every Litter Bit Counts”

Source: DCED

We want to talk trash – specifically, the millions of pieces of litter that malign our roadways, sidewalks, parks, streams, and fields.

Only 3% of Pennsylvanians think littering is acceptable. Yet, we all see litter every time we leave our houses. Litter is ugly, it pollutes our environment, it harms wildlife, and it is costly to pick up.

It’s time for PA to Fight Dirty and put a stop to littering.

Removing millions of pieces of litter seems like a daunting task, so we’re trying to stop the problem at its source by calling upon all Pennsylvanians to do their part to ensure every piece of their garbage is disposed of properly instead of becoming litter.

Despite 97% of Pennsylvanians thinking littering is not OK, 40 to 50% of Pennsylvanians litter. This disconnect is because these Pennsylvanians do not understand that their actions are littering, such as when they leave their trash on the ground next to a full garbage can, or they think that their litter, like a dropped candy wrapper, is too small to count.

Litter pieces 4 inches or less in size add up to more than 85% of all litter. So, we’re calling on Pennsylvanians to Fight Dirty by remembering Every Litter Bit Matters.

•Every Litter Bit Matters, so stash that gum wrapper in your pocket until you come to a trash can.
•Every Litter Bit Matters, so walk a few extra steps to another trash can when the closest one is overflowing.
•Every Litter Bit Matters, so dispose of that cigarette butt properly instead of tossing it on the ground.
•Every Litter Bit Matters, so don’t ignore that straw paper that blew out of your hand on a windy day.

In this toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to share this campaign. We’re hoping that with your partnership, we can help Pennsylvanians Fight Dirty by ensuring every Every Litter Bit of their garbage is properly disposed of.