City of Hermitage and Wheatland Borough Voters Approve Municipal Merger

Source: Pennsylvania Economy League

The merger between the city of Hermitage and Wheatland borough is the second time in two years that voters approved a third-class city combining with another municipality.

Voters in the city of DuBois and Sandy Township approved a merger in 2021. The DuBois and Hermitage mergers are the first involving PA third-class cities in decades.

PEL provided technical assistance, research and data for both projects under the state’s Strategic Management Planning (STMP) program.

One key to success in Wheatland/Hermitage: PEL worked with Wheatland under STMP to improve its finances and increase its shared services with Hermitage in the years prior to the merger.

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The city of Hermitage is among the eight case studies featured in PEL’s new report It’s Not 1965 Anymore: State Tax Laws Fail to Meet Municipal Revenue Needs.It’s Not 1965 Anymore was funded with the generous support of the Pennsylvania Municipal League.