The Good Jobs Initiative and Grant Opportunities

Source: United States Department of Labor

Last Friday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Secretary Walsh announced the launch of the Good Jobs Initiative—an effort the DOL leading to help improve job quality across the economy; you can watch the speech via the link below. 

WATCH: Secretary Walsh’s speech from Jan. 21. 

The Good Jobs initiative focuses on empowering working people by: 

  • Providing workers with easily accessible information about their rights, including the right to bargain collectively and form a union.  
  • Engaging employer stakeholders as partners to improve job quality and workforce pathways to good jobs.  
  • Supporting partnerships across federal agencies, and providing technical assistance on grants, contracts and other investments intended to improve job quality.  

The DOL has launched a new grants page to help potential grantees learn about grants and make plans to apply. The page describes the DOL grant programs available this year, with a forecast date of when they will be open, their target population, eligible applicants, a contact name for any questions, and an overview of the program.