A Better Bridges Toolkit

Source: The White House | The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Better Bridges

Toolkit for Amplification of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Bridge Formula Program


Today, FHWA is announcing new apportionments for the bridge program for each state. This is largest bridge formula program in American history, and it is made possible by the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The program represents the largest investment ever made in fixing bridges – dedicating $26.5 billion to states over the five years of the law and $825 million for Tribal transportation facilities. The FHWA will also publish guidance on the new program that will make it easier to fix city- and county-owned bridges, not just those on Federal-aid highways.

Potential Tactics

1. Host an event near a bridge that could be fixed:
To draw local media attention, you can host a press conference at a bridge in your city or state that could benefit from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s funding.

> Consult with YOUR state DOTs: USDOT’s announcement will be formula funding for the state. It does not specify which bridges will get repaired. However, YOU can work with your State DOT to identify a bridge that they plan to repair with this investment and host an event at that bridge.

> Consider local impacts: Identify people or industries that rely on the bridges every day for getting to work or moving goods. Find ways to quantify what this means for them.

> Ideas for speakers at the event:

  • Elected official
  • State DOT/ city/county representative
  • Organization/ company that stands to benefit as a result of the bridge being repaired.
  • Labor union that could benefit from the work.
  • Local company representative or emergency responder forced to detour due to weight restrictions on bridges

2. Pitch local TV and print reporters media for a story about the need for bridge repair in your community and what this funding will mean for your area.

3. Send out a press release about the impact this means locally.

Social Media Toolkit

Sample social media posts and graphics can be found here
https://thesocialpresskit.com/usdotgov#bridge-formula-program-release–sample-social-mediapartment of Transportation (thesocialpresskit.com)

Share the Bridge in YOUR Community in Need of Repair

Please send us your statements, tweets, or actions highlighting the bridges in your community that are in need of repair at IGA46@who.eop.gov