Department of Health Releases Vaccination Dashboard by Legislative Districts

Governor Tom Wolf today sent a letter to the General Assembly announcing the availability of COVID-19 vaccination rates by legislative district on the commonwealth’s open data portal, in addition to the zip code, county-level and statewide vaccination data already available. The vaccination data by legislative district excludes those districts fully or partially located in Philadelphia County which is a separate CDC-designated vaccine jurisdiction.  The legislative district dashboard will be updated monthly.  

“Our unified goal should be to strive to protect the health and safety of all residents,” said Gov. Wolf. “It is our hope that this information will help inform members of the General Assembly, stakeholders, and community members, to join us in encouraging Pennsylvanians to get vaccinated.”

The creation of the legislative district vaccine dashboard is the latest information provided to the General Assembly following their request seeking data on COVID-19 from the Department of Health (DOH) as stated in a September 10 letter from Gov. Wolf. Additionally, last week, DOH shared a breakthrough case data report showing since January 2021, 97 percent of COVID-19-related deaths and 95 percent of reported hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were in unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated people.

“The overwhelming majority of the COVID-19 related cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Pennsylvania occurred in people who were not vaccinated,” said Gov. Wolf. “In fact, the data shows that compared to unvaccinated people, fully vaccinated folks are seven times less likely to get COVID-19, and eight times less likely to die from COVID-19. We urge all Pennsylvanians who are not yet vaccinated to get their shot today.”

To keep all Pennsylvanians informed, the Department of Health provides daily and weekly updates to the COVID-19 Dashboard, the Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard  and the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard. These resources include significant statewide and county level case, death, hospitalization and vaccination information.