U.S. Department of Treasury Interim Report and Recovery Plan Performance Report

Source: National League of Cities (NLC)

In advance of the August 31 reporting deadline for the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, we wanted to share the most up to date resources for the submission of the Interim Report and Recovery Plan Performance Report, including:

  • Reporting and Compliance Guidance: This explains all the required reports in detail and the best first stop for any reporting questions.
  • Reporting guidance technical assistance webinars: With individual webinars for different types of jurisdictions, these webinars provide a good overview of reporting.
  • Reporting User Guide: This contains detailed submissions instructions and includes answers to frequently asked reporting questions.
  • Reporting user guide video: This new video walks through the user guide, reporting portal, and provides additional details on how to submit required reports.
  • Recovery Plan template: This provides a sample template for the Recovery Plan Performance Report for states, territories, and large localities.
  • Evidence and Equity Webinars: The evidence and equity webinars provide technical assistance for recipients on how they can include evidence and equity in the spending and reporting.
  • FAQs:  These are the best resource for any policy related questions related to reporting
  • Additional questions: Individual recipients may send any questions that are not answered in these materials to SLFRP@treasury.gov.
  • Finally, Today Treasury released a pre-recorded video providing recipients a walkthrough of the treasury portal for the interim report and recovery plan.  


  • 4:44 – Reporting basics
  • 14:30 – Interim Report
  • 27:04 – Recovery Plan