Pandemic Funding Reporting and Compliance Guidance for Municipalities

Source: The Pennsylvania Economy League Summary of U.S. Department of Treasury Pandemic Funding Reporting and Compliance Guidance for Municipalities

U.S. Treasury Releases Handbook to Ease Municipalities Through Pandemic Funding Process

Proper compliance and record keeping are critical to use of municipal pandemic relief funds.

Remember: Those currently administering the funds might be gone by the time records are audited.

The Compliance and Reporting Guide provides assistance through two main sections.

Part 1 provides general guidance on:

  • Key Principles
  • Statutory Eligible Uses
  • Treasury’s Rulemaking
  • Uniform Guidance
  • Award Terms and Conditions

Part 2 details reporting requirements including:

  • Interim Report
  • Project and Expenditure Report
  • Recovery Plan Performance Report

Key Principles for Use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds

  • Recipients and subrecipients are responsible for ensuring there is no fraud, waste or abuse.
  • Balance simple and rapid program access and maintaining robust documentation and compliance.
  • Advance projects with shared interest that promote equitable delivery of services to underserved communities.
  • Transparency and public accountability are critical; manage programs using administration guidance.
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