Fireworks in the City of Lebanon

Source: The City of Lebanon

The City wants you to have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July celebration. In an urbanized area, such as the City of Lebanon, due to the density and proximity of structures, vehicles and people, the following would apply for private firework displays:

  1. Only ground and handheld sparkling devices or novelties, such as party poppers, cap guns, color snakes, crazy eyeballs, pop-its, smoke balls, ground bloom flowers and similar products are permitted to be displayed. Absolutely NO aerial fireworks are permitted in the City.
  2. These items cannot be ignited or used on any public street, alley, parking lot, public sidewalk, city parks or similar area.
  3. They cannot be ignited or used within 15 ft. of a structure or vehicle.
  4. These items cannot be ignited or used in areas deemed a fire hazard such as dry grasses, fields, storage areas and similar hazard sites.

If you choose to use ground or handheld novelty-type fireworks as described above, please make sure you have the private property owner’s permission and use the product in accordance with the directions on the device. Thank you for cooperating so everyone may have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July celebration!