Funding Opportunities for Active-Friendly Routes

Source: Pennsylvania Downtown Center

After a year of living with COVID-19, what many of us already knew has been confirmed: Walking and bicycling are critical modes of transportation that warrant attention and funding. Walking, biking and any form of wheeling are independent, reliable and resilient transportation modes that are healthy for our minds, bodies and the environment.

WalkWorks is pleased to announce its fifth round of assistance to advance policy development related to active transportation. Once, again, grants will be offered to a limited number of municipalities and other governmental bodies to assist with the development of Active Transportation Plans, Complete Streets policies and/or Vision Zero policies. These plans and policies are essential to our efforts to establish activity-friendly routes that connect people to everyday destinations, thereby expanding opportunities for physical activity. 

In the context of this Funding Opportunity, active transportation includes walking, wheeling and public transit. Eligible applicants include municipalities, Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations (MPOs/RPOs) and other governmental agencies with the capacity to accomplish the proposed project.

Important Dates:

Because WalkWorks remains sensitive to the environment in which we continue to live and work, a concerted effort has been made to disseminate the Announcement so that those selected to receive grants will have a full year during which to develop their plans and policies. Though detailed throughout the Funding Opportunity Announcement, which includes the application (Appendix E), the following are some pertinent dates:

What’s Next?

If interested, please consider whether your organization meets the eligibility requirements and share your interest and rationale for wanting to apply with the elected officials or the decision-making body of your municipality or agency. By doing so, you can ensure and expedite obtaining the support of decision-makers — documentation of which must be included with your application. 

We are seeking broad distribution of this announcement and would very much appreciate your sharing it with others, such as municipal and county planners and MPOs/RPOs. Further, we hope that the MPOs/RPOs will inform the municipalities within their respective regions of this opportunity.

In addition to the link, the full announcement, including the application and appendices, will be available on the PA WalkWorks website.