Pennsylvania COVID-19 Vaccination Update for March 19: Pace Accelerating, More Than 4 Million Vaccinations Administered, More Than 1.4 Million People Fully Vaccinated

Governor Tom Wolf and Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam today detailed the state’s vaccination rollout progress as the process accelerates and Pennsylvania outperforms its peer states.

“The pace of vaccinations in Pennsylvania is accelerating each day,” Gov. Wolf said. “We have made tremendous progress, but we know we have more work to do. We appreciate all the providers and locations working to vaccinate Pennsylvanians. The commonwealth is committed to ensure that we can vaccinate all those in Phase 1A as soon as possible.”

As of Friday, March 19:

Cumulative since vaccinations started in December 2020:
  • Vaccine providers have administered 4,043,398 total vaccine doses as of Friday, March 19 – 2,699,008 first/single doses and 1,344,373 second doses.
  • 1,428,867 people are fully vaccinated, an increase of 309,869 over last week’s total.
  • 1,270,141 people are partially vaccinated, meaning they have received one dose of a two-dose vaccine.
  • Combining those fully vaccinated and those who have received one dose only to date means 2,699,008 have received at least one dose of vaccination.
  • 24.1% of Pennsylvanians have received at least one dose of vaccine.
Ranking for number of vaccinations over past week per 100,000 Population
  • An analysis of CDC data on the number of vaccines administered per 100,000 of population over the past week (through March 17), puts Pennsylvania second in the nation behind only New Mexico. And, while these numbers fluctuate daily, this indicator demonstrates the state’s significant progress on vaccinating everyone who wishes to be vaccinated.
Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program
  • Federal pharmacy partnership vaccinations continue, with vaccinations of skilled nursing facilities expected to be completed soon.
  • As of March 19, CVS has administered 361,919 doses of vaccine. 216,705 of these are first doses and 143,817 are second doses.
  • As of March 19, Walgreens has administered 56,548 doses of vaccine. 38,590 of these are first doses and 17,958 are second doses.
How Pennsylvania Compares with Other States with Largest 65+ Population* 

One quarter of Americans age 65 and older live in one of three states: California, Florida, and Texas. Seven other states—Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – account for another quarter of older adults.

Pennsylvania is on par or doing a better job providing first doses than every other state with a large population of older adults.

The state is also on par with comparative states for fully vaccinating people.

These percentages include all adults 18-plus and percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Pennsylvania – 24% first doses; 12% fully

New York – 24% first doses; 12% fully vaccinated
Illinois – 24% first doses; 13% fully vaccinated
North Carolina – 23% first doses; 13% fully vaccinated
California – 23% first doses; 11% fully vaccinated
Ohio – 22% first doses; 13% fully vaccinated
Michigan – 22% first doses; 12% fully vaccinated
Florida – 22% first doses; 12% fully vaccinated
Texas – 20% first doses: 10% fully vaccinated

*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Department of Health continues to provide vaccination data in terms of persons vaccinated, vaccines administered and demographic data on the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.

“The Department of Health continues to work with providers to ensure they are receiving vaccine and quickly vaccinating Pennsylvanians with it,” Acting Secretary of Health Beam said. “We appreciate the commitment of the health care providers, counties and other organizations that are working to vaccinate Pennsylvanians. Together, we all have an opportunity to continue to provide these vaccinations and move the commonwealth forward.”