CNRAC January 2021 Meeting Agenda and Updates

Join CNRAC at its January Virtual Meeting – Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 10 am to Noon

January 27 Meeting Agenda

  • DCNR Secretary Dunn’s Report
  • DCNR Department/Legislative Reports
  • Outdoor Recreation Presentation
  • Pennsylvania Wilds Presentation
  • CNRAC Work Group Reports
  • Public Comments

Two important presentations are on CNRAC’s agenda for January. 

DCNR’s State Parks Director, John Hallas, and State Forester Ellen Schultzbarger, will be giving a detailed presentation on the tremendous visitation growth to DCNR lands in 2020. As DCNR and CNRAC look to support the elevated interest in outdoor recreation, Mr. Hallas and Ms. Schultzabarger will discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustained increased usage in state parks and forests in the coming months and years.  Results from a Lion Poll survey on usage of outdoor recreation interest during the pandemic also will be presented.

Ta Enos, CEO of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship will be joined by DCNR’s Conservation Landscape Program Director Meredith Hill, for an overview of the Pennsylvania Wilds, highlighting the significant economic impact of outdoor recreation on this area of Pennsylvania.  DCNR received notice last year that the Maryland Air National Guard is proposing to establish low-level (down to 100 feet above ground level) training flyovers over a portion of the Pennsylvania Wilds, to be used four hours per day, 170 days per year, two hours at a time, twice a day, with up to six total aircraft.  CNRAC anticipates reviewing and commenting on the National Guard’s Environmental Assessment on this proposed project when it is released in early 2021.

Due to COVID-19, the January 27 public meeting will be held virtually via WebEx. To attend the public meeting, please click here to register.

There will be an opportunity for public comment at the end of the meeting.  If you are interested in presenting comments at the meeting, please advise by email to no later than 5 p.m. on January 26, so we can add you as an active participant.  You may also provide comments or questions after the meeting by emailing the same address or through the Council’s web site at