NLC COVID-19: Pandemic Response Update | Issue 38



Tomorrow, NLC is releasing its annual City Fiscal Conditions report. In its 35-year history, City Fiscal Conditions has become the nation’s most trusted barometer of the financial well-being of cities, towns, and villages across the U.S. This year’s report arrives at a pivotal moment for our communities’ economies. To hear from Dr. Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, and get a glimpse at this year’s findings – register now. We are still fighting for the future of our cities, towns, and villages.

Our fight continues as the summer is quickly coming to a close and still no action has been made by Congress to provide aid to our cities, towns, and villages. The final stretch of our campaign has been overextended far too long while our communities are still struggling. Every day jobs are lost, local businesses are closing and without federal support, there will be no end in sight to the economic fallout we face. But still, you continue to lead, and we thank you for that.

Take action now – and let Congress know that our communities are struggling, and we need help.

Sending you strength,

Joe Buscaino
National League of Cities
President Pro Tempore, Los Angeles City Council


COVID-19 arrived quickly in the Frederick community. Mayor O’Connor recognized immediately the significant economic impact this health pandemic would have. “We acted swiftly to meet the growing needs of our businesses, our most vulnerable residents, and our Frederick families.” Hear more about how the city sprang into action with various relief programs.



Many of our local leaders are on the frontlines combatting and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. NLC is here to help. During August, NLC’s membership managers are making time on August. 25 and 26 to answer member questions about COVID resources and more. To connect during this time, email


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GovTech Reimagined in the COVID-19 Era
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Housing, Hazards and Health: Considerations and Approaches in Light of COVID-19 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased exposure to health hazards have been compounded by reduced inspections and repair services, and more service cuts are on the horizon as city budgets come under strain. Read more.


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