NLC COVID-19: Pandemic Response Update | Issue 28



The Cities Are Essential campaign is going strong and working for you while you tirelessly work for your residents. As talks of reopening strategies are beginning, NLC is working hard to provide resources to help you navigate this difficult path. We are mindful of many of the stressors this is putting on public officials as you start making crucial decisions on how to reopen your cities, towns and villages.

NLC’s new toolkit, Safely Reopening Municipal Facilities is now available. It aims to provide guidance and resources on how to safely begin to reopen your community’s facilities. When making decisions about how and when to reopen your public facilities and municipal services, the CDC and your local health officials should be your primary sources of information. NLC is here to help – this set of documents is meant to be practical and adaptable to your community, and will be frequently updated with additional topics and guidelines as cities, towns and villages make decisions on whether to reopen, and how to do so safely.

As always, below, please find additional tools, resources and events to support you during this challenging time.

Sending you strength,

Joe Buscaino
National League of Cities
President Pro Tempore, Los Angeles City Council


Local leaders have been protecting their most vulnerable, including older adults, in the wake of the novel coronavirus. NLC has partnered with AARP to showcase best practices and stories on the ground of how municipal leaders across the country are supporting the seniors in their communities.



Toolkit: Safely Reopening Municipal Facilities
By being constantly vigilant about the changing situation, following health department guidance, and putting safety first – municipalities can continue to maintain their pandemic response efforts while reopening safely. This toolkit aims to provide local leaders guidance, guidelines and resources on how to help your community safely reopen municipal facilities.


Creating More Space for Safe Active Transportation and Outdoor Activity During COVID-19 and Beyond
As cities work quickly to address emerging community needs in response to the pandemic, questions and concerns arise about how equitably outdoor interventions are being applied. Who in the community is most served by repurposing streets for physical activity? Whose experience do these efforts reflect? Read more.

Vehicular Homelessness and the Road to Housing During and After COVID-19
Cites have also stepped up to assist individuals experiencing homelessness like increasing their shelter capacity by creating new shelters and recovery centers and using hotels and motels. In the midst of this response, cites have been approving or expanding overnight parking to support individuals experiencing vehicular homelessness. Read more.

Taking Care of Yourself: Self-care Strategies for Effective Leadership During COVID-19
When we’re in positions of leadership we feel like we have to solve everything immediately – we often create unrealistic timelines for ourselves. Taking more control over your schedule can be an important strategy for mitigating your stress. As a former mayor who has dealt with crises, I know first-hand how you are spread thin right now. Read more.


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