Changes to Green Light-Go Program Impacted by COVID-19

PennDOT is implementing the following changes to the Green Light-Go (GLG) program to address revenue shortfalls in the Motor License Fund resulting from COVID-19:

  • Pending grant applications submitted for Year 6 of the program will not be awarded in 2020 as originally planned
  • Grant contracts for projects awarded in prior rounds with no work started will be terminated
  • Projects currently in design will be able to finish design but funding for construction will not be available at this time
  • Projects with active construction contracts may continue through completion

The intent of these actions is to maximize the benefits received from investments already made to improve traffic signals.  For example, completing designs which have been started will allow the project to be “shovel-ready” when funding is available for construction, either through future Green Light-Go state appropriations or other sources such as federal stimulus funds. PennDOT will be contacting all grant recipients and those with pending applications to review project-specific implementation of these actions.

GLG Background

Act 89 of 2013 appropriated up to $10 million for fiscal year 2014-2015, up to $25 million for 2015-2016, and up to $40 million for 2016-2017 and each fiscal year thereafter out of the Motor License Fund.   The purpose of the program is to replace, synchronize, time, operate, and maintain traffic signals.  Inclusion of funding for traffic signals in Act 89 addressed key issues identified in the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC) report (August 2011) and the state Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Traffic Signal Study (January 2005) regarding sustainable funding for traffic signals, promoting intergovernmental cooperation and allowing PennDOT to take a more proactive role in maintaining and operating traffic signals.

Questions should be directed to Stephen Gault, P.E., PTOE, Chief, TSMO Arterials & Planning Section, at 717.787.6988 or