NLC COVID-19: Pandemic Response Update | Issue 20



As we close out another week on the frontlines of the pandemic, I hope that you are able to take time this weekend to rest, recover, and reflect. With so many challenges and urgent needs facing our communities, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. But this weekend is especially important because next week, we begin the fight for our lives.

On Tuesday, NLC will officially launch our campaign for the next relief package that Congress is currently developing. We will ask you to raise your voices and get engaged because we cannot wait any longer for direct federal support. I look forward to sharing more details with you next week – mark your calendars for 5/5 when we go live!

Until then, I hope you find the resources and opportunities below helpful in your efforts locally.

Sending you strength,

Joe Buscaino
National League of Cities
President Pro Tempore, Los Angeles City Council



EPA Provides Grant Funding to Support Environmental Justice Communities Impacted by COVID-19
Through the State Environmental Justice Cooperative Agreement Program, EPA will provide funds to states, local governments, tribes and U.S. territories to work collaboratively with environmental justice communities to understand, promote and integrate approaches to provide meaningful and measurable improvements to public health and the environment. Click here to apply for funding.


Testing and Contact Tracing for the Path to Recovery
Testing for COVID-19, combined with aggressive isolation and contact tracing, can help communities manage the spread of COVID-19, reduce risk to residents’ lives and help allow a reasonable level of economic activity. More on our latest recommendations and the path to recovery in cities, towns and villages. Read more.

During COVID-19, Libraries Provide Critical Public Services
As seen in Denver, Colorado, libraries and cities are teaming up to leverage public assets to meet the needs of diverse communities. Mayor Michael B. Hancock and City Librarian Michelle Jeske discuss their community and critical services during this crisis. Read more.

How COVID-19 Will Reshape Public-Private Partnerships
Many are realizing there is a unique opportunity to rethink what the new normal should be. Just as we rely on our cities and states to keep our communities safe and healthy, the private sector must do its part as well. NLC Partner Accela dives into the future of partnerships to support communities and residents. Read more.


COVID-19 is not a ‘big city’ problem. It’s an ‘every city’ problem
Roll Call – April 29, 2020

Ending ‘Acceptable Losses’ in Disasters: How Emergency Management Can Help Build More Equitable Communities
Route Fifty – April 28, 2020

Spring flooding and COVID-19 collide in the Midwest: challenges and considerations for local governments
American Flood Coalition – April 27, 2020