URGENT ACTION: Support Bipartisan Legislation for Direct Local Funding

The majority of America’s cities, towns and villages are not eligible for direct relief under the CARES Act, due to the 500,000 population threshold.

The United States Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities conducted a joint survey to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cities and towns from more than 2,400 local officials. The resulting infographic and fact sheet paint an urgent picture that Congress cannot ignore.

Our message is already being heard—the Washington Post and Associated Press published articles this morning.

The House has offered a proposal to address this specific funding issue by introducing the Coronavirus Community Relief Act (H.R. 6467), a bill to provide $250 billion in funding to all local governments with fewer than 500,000 residents. We need you to ACT NOW to build momentum.

Reach out to your members in the House to ask them to support this bipartisan legislation.

For additional information and resources for local leaders, visit NLC’s Coronavirus Response Resources page.