Dear Friends and Clients:

RE:       COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Legal Support

Campbell Durrant is available 24/7 to assist you during this period of serious Coronavirus related challenges for all municipal employers.  We recognize that you are on the front line of the Coronavirus challenges as you work every day to keep your employees and the public safe while at the same time maintaining essential public services.

We have listed below the contacts of shareholders including cell phone numbers and encourage you to call us whenever new labor and employment issues arise. 

Our website will offer one-stop information and resources. The firm will offer video briefings to provide you with up-to-date employment information and targeted practical guidance on how to maintain essential municipal operations while protecting the safety of employees and the public in compliance with applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements and policies. 

We have worked with many of you for years and have the utmost confidence in your dedication and ability to successfully work together through these serious challenges.  Please contact us as often as we can be of assistance and let us know when you receive our e-alerts and webinars any other questions we can answer, issues we can address or information we can provide to help you deal with this crisis.

Patrick J. Harvey
Work: 610-227-2595
Cell: 610-329-2414

Gretchen Love
Work: 412-395-1272
Cell: 412-337-3024

Mike Palombo
Work: 412-395-1265
Cell:  412-327-4419

John P. McLaughlin
Work: 610-227-2596
Cell: 610-909-6298

Richard D. Miller
Work: 412-395-1266
Cell: 412-327-4280