Local Government Transportation Resources and Grants

·         Act 89 of 2013

·         PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Fund

·         PennDOT Traffic Signal Portal (includes both ARLE and Green Light-Go grant programs)

·         PennDOT Optional $5 Registration Fee for Local Use

·         PennDOT Agility Program

·         PennDOT Infrastructure Bank

·         PennDOT Turnback Program

·         PennDOT Public-Private Transportation Partnerships

·         Commonwealth Financing Authority Multimodal Transportation Fund

·         USDOT Transportation Alternatives Program

·         Dirt, Gravel and Low-Volume Roads Program

·         Twelve Year Program

·         Resource:  PennDOT Connects

·         Resource:  PennDOT Road MAP (Maintenance and Preservation)

·         Resource:  PennDOT Local Technical Assistance Program

·         Resource:  PennDOT State Transportation Innovation Council

·         Resource:  PennDOT Municipal Services

·         Resource:  PennDOT Local Project Delivery Manual

·         Resource:  Financial Needs of Counties and Municipalities for Highways and Bridges

·         Resource:  PA Grant and Resource Guide (House Version)