Director of Public Works – City of York

Deadline: July 9, 2024

Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to provide professional management of the Department of Public  Works and the seven operating Bureaus. Recreation & Parks Bureau, Highway & Fleet Maintenance Bureau, Building & Electrical Maintenance Bureau, Stormwater Management Bureau This is accomplished by providing direction and assistance  to Bureau Superintendents; meeting with personnel and government officials regarding public works  issues and projects; managing projects from inception, through planning, engineering,  construction, to close out; developing and monitoring Department budgets; managing department  contracts with staff and vendors; preparing reports and documentation; participating on various  boards/commissions as a representative of the city. Other duties include directing staff and equipment for snow and ice control emergencies . working with consultants on development and execution of special events.

Essential Functions

Provides management and supervision of the department by attending meetings regarding public works issues; meeting with managers and staff as well as elected officials; making and returning phone calls regarding issues

Provides project management by attending projects and construction meetings; reviewing construction plans and drawings; supervising and monitoring on site

Participates in board, commission. authority and committee work by attending meetings to represent the City and the Department; participating in projects;providing direction and coordinating support of the Department

Prepares and reviews the budget by coordinating and preparing final Department budget for presentation; monitoring budget revenue and expenditures; prioritizing expenditures

Writes and develops grants by monitoring existing grants and ensuring compliance with grant requirements;seeking reimbursements for grants; continually seeking new grant opportunities

Other duties as assigned,

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Bachelor’s degree in business administration.Public Administration or Construction Management. Preferred master’s degree in business administration, Public Administration,Construction Management. or a related field of study is required.

Work requires supervising and monitoring performance for a group of subordinates within a department including providing input on hiring/disciplinary actions and work objectives/effectiveness.  performance evaluations. and realigning work as needed. An assistant/associate director typically performs these functions.

Work requires contacts with management personnel and decisions regarding implementation of policies. Contact may involve support of controversial positions or the negotiation of sensitive issues or important presentations or coming to a common understanding or satisfactory solution by collaboration,compromise, or developing suitable alternatives.

This job title normally performs the duty assignment according to his or her own judgment, requesting supervisory assistance only when necessary. Special projects are managed with little oversight and assignments may be reviewed upon completion.

This job title requires advanced skills and knowledge in approaches and systems. which affect the design and implementation of major programs and/or processes organization wide. Independent judgment and decision-making abilities are necessary to apply technicalskills effective ly.

This job title has responsibility for fina l approval of at least one division/departmental budget. Is authorized to approve fiscal/budgeted expenditures up to the amount that requires the approval of Senior Management.

Ability to read literature, books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and/or legal.

Ability to apply fundamental concepts of theories, work with advanced mathematical operations methods, and functions of real and complex variables .

Minimum Acceptable Training and Experience

Minimum of five years of management experience.

Valid Class c driver’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Employee in this position must comply with Article 121 “Administration Genera lly”, of the Codified Ordinances of The City of York, Pennsylvania, Section 121.3(b) “Department Heads”.

Each department head shall be appointed as provided in Section 123.04(d). A department head need not reside within the

City at the time of an appointment by the Mayor, but shall within 120 days following his appointment, become a resident of the City and during the tenure of off shall reside with the City.

Must pass a background check, Drug Test and provide a PA Child Abuse History Clearance check.

Note:Child Abuse History Clearance must be dated within one year from the date of application and must show that “no record exists”.

Visit the PA Department of Human Services website for more information on the Child Abuse History Clearances.

Submit your application for PA Child Abuse History Clearance online. This method is strongly suggested as you will receive immediate access to your results.

How to Apply

City of York

101South George St. PO Box 509
York, Pennsylvania,17405