Office Coordinator

Deadline: Friday, November 25, 2022

Position Summary

The position of Office Coordinator is to support the Director of  Information and Technology in managing informational technology operations and providing technical support to the organization.  As a coordinator this individual will also oversee various office systems and be the key contact for facility management.

General Information

Job Title:  Office Coordinator

FSLA Status:  Exempt

Reporting Relationships:  Reports to the Director of  Information and Technology in collaboration with the Deputy Executive Director – Operations.

Travel:  This position may involve travel within the state to attend meetings and events.  This position may also involve travel requiring overnight stays, including possible occasional out-of-state travel.  A valid driver’s license, satisfactory driving record and the ability to maintain one throughout employment are required.

Work Hours and Location:  This position may be required to work beyond a normal work week to accomplish goals and may also be required to attend meetings or events outside of normal business hours.  Schedules are flexible as are work sites, including occasional work-at-home options, depending upon operational needs.

Physical Demands and Work Conditions:  This position requires work in an office setting. Regular use of a computer is required and communication in person and by phone is also expected. An employee in this position is also required to travel to meetings and make public presentations. While staffing meetings, programs, conferences, conventions, and other events, and completing related duties, this position will require walking and standing for extended periods. This position may also require moving light objects weighing less than 20 pounds such as mail, supplies, and files.

An employee in this position is required to perform the following essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties.

  • Assists the Director of Information and Technology to ensure that The League and its members are current on cutting edge technological applications.
  • Oversees IT projects and can assist in minor technical issues that may arise either with staff or outside IT vendors.
  • Assists in purchasing, maintaining and keeping records of any computer equipment/ software or printers as well as office supplies including kitchen and janitorial.
  • Ensure that all office equipment, phones, cell phones, building related utilities, etc. are maintained and functioning properly.
  • Works with the Deputy Executive Director – Operations to monitor the physical aspects of the building including ventilation and office temperature.
  • Keeps a listing of contractors that supply services pertaining to the building’s physical assets.
  • Scheduling appointments related to building maintenance.
  • Assisting other departments with small projects on an as-needed basis.

How to Apply

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