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Hi, I’m Bryan Salzmann with Salzmann Hughes, P.C. We are a regional law firm that handles a diverse range of legal issues including municipal law, land use, environmental issues, zoning, and many more. For more information about our firm, please contact us at (717) 263-2121 or by clicking on the logo above.

BLN Spotlight – Interview with G. Bryan Salzmann from Salzmann Hughes

Q:  As a League Business Leader, you interact regularly with local and state officials.  How have these relationships helped you and your firm?
A: Interaction with local and state officials as a League Business Leader has been and continues to be extremely helpful. Given that Salzmann Hughes maintains a statewide practice concentrating in environmental law, land use law, and municipal law we are always working on matters that require sound coordination with both local and state officials. Our firm represents over 50 local governmental bodies and thus the League Business Leader forum allows us to learn from others as to what important challenges and opportunities are occurring around the Commonwealth.

Q:  What is the favorite aspect of your job?
A:  My favorite aspect of my job is service…plain and simple. I enjoy coordinating efforts to reach mutually agreeable and successful solutions for everyone at the table. A win win is always the goal and for me litigation of matters is always a far and distant last resort reserved only for times when parties cannot creatively resolve matters on their own. Helping others requires a genuine care for their concerns. If it is important to the client it is important to us. That is not just a “logo” or saying.  We truly try to live each day that way.

Q:  How long have you been in your current role?
A:  I started Salzmann Hughes in 1995.  We now have 25 attorneys and four office locations in Harrisburg, Carlisle, Chambersburg, and Gettysburg. 

Q:  What did you do prior to your current role at Salzmann Hughes?
A:  Prior to starting Salzmann Hughes, P.C., I had the privilege of being trained by folks I consider some of the best mentors and attorneys I could have ever asked for at the state DEP (DER back then), in an insurance defense litigation practice, and then at a boutique environmental law firm all in the Harrisburg area. It was through this time that I also received my master’s degree in environmental studies and shortly thereafter began teaching at Shippensburg University in the Earth Science Department. I enjoyed teaching and “giving back” a great deal over approximately 15 years until a combination of 6 children and a continually busy practice did not make enough hours in the day to continue.

Q:  What advice do you have for other firms and other Business Leaders to make the most of their membership in the League’s Business Leaders Network?
A:  My advice is to be as active in the Business Leaders Network as your time allows. It is truly a group of dedicated people who provide a forum to discuss challenges and successes of mutual concern. Also, the Network allows you to be exposed to issues affecting others around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania